Château Bleu

Hôtel - Restaurant - Thermes

rue Rys de Mosbeux, 52
4870 Trooz / Belgium


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To offer a Good Gift

  • To come to seek the good on the spot or
  • To make a request via email with the by explaining what you want to offer (price, therme with or without swimming pool, to dine, night, champagne,…)We will always answer you within the shortest deadlines
    In the email of confirmation of order, you will receverez all information necessary to make the credit transfer. With the “Good Gift” in part joint (.pdf) which is to be printed on your premise and ready to offer.
    On our side, as soon as the credit transfer tightened perceived, the “Good numbered Gift” will be validated for one one year duration without possible prolonguation, nor refundable in species.


photograph of the main entrance (+/- 11 cars)

Also a carpark in bottom for /- 30 cars
Possibility this of parking for bus, truck, car with large trailer (plate) entered via the “Sortie”

Limousine of 8m length is possible also (some advise with the driver will be transmitted to him and to keep place for are operate)

New Year 2016

Menu karte new year 2016
Face A / Face B



Formule 1 Spa 2016

menu de Pâques classic et végétarien

On Request

  • Custom cake theme to be agreed with the cook
    Realization done so far: ancestor cars, round pizzas, sailing boat, wool ball with kitten cake with a simple photo printing ...
  • Seminar
  • Renting a room, bedroom or room in the castle for photo shoot or cutscene (depending on the day and time that you seek because we also have other guests)
  • Bouquet of flowers from the florist to order


Map op Bar

Piece attached .pdf